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Re: Best of the worst

#76 Post by jasonjohn »

domino wrote: Sat 11 Mar 2023, 9:44 am I hope they'll search for the 20 most hated tracks in this topic and perform an one-off-concert with these. I would actually go there, not only for I'd like to see "What Keeps Mankind Alive" as an encore.
Yeah I'd go too. Half these tracks (while not always single material) are formative for the albums they are on.

Would probably draw the line at What Keeps Mankind Alive, but as an encore to keep a concert alive, I'd sit through it :dance:

Well atleast this topic has served to keep the sullen negativity in one place.

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Re: Best of the worst

#77 Post by eastendboy »

This is a very interesting post and you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

There are certain songs that I haven’t heard in a while but it doesn’t mean I hate them. Chris has said in the past that he would be up for a b-side/album tracks they haven’t played live before gig and as mentioned in this thread the tracks for a set list are there.

I think they recorded what keeps mankind alive because Simon Bates from radio 1 kept bugging them to do it and I remember hearing it on a show that he was hosting about the three penny opera but I don’t think either Chris or Neil are keen on that track.

They release what they want and personally I listen to every track over and over and then will choose to listen to certain tracks more than others but I honestly haven’t got a song that I hate and refuse to listen to.

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Re: Best of the worst

#78 Post by DopeFiend »

I can I just say, Soup has also got to be one of their worst songs.

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Re: Best of the worst

#79 Post by telys »

I'm surprised noboy mentioned the bloody ballet.
Anyway songs like What keeps... and Soup and Atom splitting are part of a context/concept. They are thus not bad per se. Sobgs like The Only One on the other hand..
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