Reflections/Wishes Dreamworld Tour

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Reflections/Wishes Dreamworld Tour

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Berlin 06/11/2022 Mercedes-Benz Arena and a show. Dreamworld where a title never said better what we were going to find.

Chris's words

"Sooner or later
This happens to everyone

It serves as the perfect beginning for, perhaps, one of the most surprising entrances and starts of his latest tours, giving way to a rediscovered "Suburbia" that, like good wine, has improved over time and that with this reinterpretation, highlights its melodic ability without losing its sobriety. A hit that could perfectly be on the charts today.

where the suburbs met utopia"

The same goes for "Can You Forgive Her?" Other sounds that have always been there and that you cannot get out of your head when you hear the first musical notes again and that reach their peak when we all point our index fingers to the bars of the chorus, accomplices of that video clip and with total dedication just having started the walk through Dreamworld.

Without rest, "Opportunities" arrives, confirming the climax in which the public has delivered. A song that doesn't need anything to raise the public.

The first few bars of "Where Streets Have No Name" serve to explain to us, in Neil's words, the ride that Dreamworld entails. Another theme that transports you to the depths of your memories, creating that retrospective atmosphere that sounds like "Performance Tour" everywhere, but when you open your eyes, the display and projected images make reality surpass any memory.

And how to make this song slowly merge with another of the most wonderful of this duo such as "Rent"? Chris makes it possible. Here there is no escape. Impossible to escape. Dreamworld has captivated you with other subtle reinterpretations that, together with the images, do nothing more than captivate you, elevating your mind and memories to another level.

"I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Any More" serves to create atmosphere and leads into "So Hard". Another song that sounds incredible live and that, together with the projections, has one of the best visual endings, when both disappear from the stage to make way for one of the scene changes while the first notes of "Left To My Own Devices" are played. ". Another song more than its intro sounds wonderfully powerful. Part in which the greatness of Dreamworld begins to be seen when discovering the entire cast presided over by a Chris who changes position going to the top of the stage.

"Single-Bilingual" and "Se a Vida é" merge to make us dance in the most carefree way and inject optimism into life. Only as they know how to do it and then take us to a "Domino Dancing" in which we all sing loudly and in which Neil becomes an accomplice.

It follows him in a musical twist that Chris knows how to do. A very young "Monkey Business" and the experienced "New York City Boy" to close the set of songs that make you dance even if you try to resist with all your might.

It's the turn of "You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk". Only one guitar is enough for Neil to demonstrate the greatness of this duo when it comes to expressing feelings. A fact that they reaffirm with "Jealousy" and that they confirm, also visually with "Love Comes Quickly" and other of the most inspiring visual effects that simplicity, ingenuity and magic can provide in another work of art perfectly reinterpreted and in the Chris no you can forget the nod to "Paninaro" at the end of the song.

"Losing My Mind" returns you to the rhythm and to the electrically visual, gradually creating that atmosphere again that triggers a collaborative ecstasy with its audience called "Always on My Mind" where, unanimously, no one resists dancing and singing.

"Dreamland" with Neil and Clare Uchima lead us by the hand little by little and without realizing it to another hit. "Heart". Another rush of adrenaline that your feet appreciate and whose chorus is also part of the story.

Then comes the turn of "What Have I Done to Deserve This?". Another iconic song in which Claire acts as Dusty Springfield transporting us to other times and in which the scenery again makes its representative display providing light and complicity.

A piano and a choir outline some well-known notes. It's "It's Alright" time. Another melody that shakes your memories feeling how your feelings flood you when you listen to those deep basses with which you realize that Chris has transported you to another song without realizing it to continue dancing as "Vocal" is. The visual effect is literally an explosion of rhythm that everyone accepts.

It's the turn of "Go West". That enters the scene as a prelude to the musical euphoria that is to come. All the voices join in one and at the same time in a single chorus and it won't stop because a resounding "It's a Sin" follows. More forceful, aggressive and capable than ever that shows with rage who is the musical throne supported by the entire public.

There is silence and a minute to reconsider. Without really realizing it, we know that we are at the end of the journey. In the middle of that pause, the first bars of "West End Girls" begin to play. The quintessential musical and sound reinterpretation of other of those magical songs with a resounding and forceful bass that contrasts with those samples that are already part of us and that Neil's voice with which he shows that he has not lost even the slightest could not be missing. vocal quality.

And certainly, "Being Boring" is equal parts melancholic and happy confirmation in which he reaffirms that "see you later" has arrived. The visual projection demonstrates that path traveled for a few minutes before opening up and giving way to the rest of the companions on stage. A perfectly executed song that makes us dream of "until next time" because, without a doubt, we know there will be one. Or so it should be.

And the lights come on. You wake up and you are indeed here. You have traveled through a world of memories as they only know how to do and this time they have not needed dancers because the real show is them. This is indicated by the two streetlamps that shyly illuminate them from the beginning and that, over time, move away to make room for all the content, but in the end they come back together and focus their light on the two of them.

Once finished, the sadness of having finished is combined with the feeling of needing more but also with the joy of having attended a unique show. Without a doubt, two hours are really short. When you realize, you have reached the end and that is only due to Neil and Chris who make time fly through all these songs that have not lost their spark and that, without a doubt, if they wanted to adapt them to our times, they would perfectly be hits again. Who knows if they will surprise us with an adapted and remixed compilation, because Suburbia has gotten into my head again (if it ever came out of it) just like other hits. I think the release of Dreamland on DVD is needed. I think it would be very wise to be able to remember this experience, which I would certainly like to attend again, if the occasion allows me, because the show is short. They could have included many more hits. Perhaps a second part of Dreamland with the other hits?

Be that as it may, they only do more than show that they are still in top form. But at this point, I think no one doubts it. TRUE?

I can only think of "until next time", which I hope will be soon because Neil and Chris continue to create the soundtrack of our lives and as they have taught us in this show, how important it is to "dream". Why not?

Thanks for getting here.

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