Bilbao and Brazil

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Bilbao and Brazil

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Just a few things:

I did read that long, rambled piece by that pop journalist person going on (and on) about 'Discovery.' Goodness me. Cheap and cheerful it might be (although TBH, it looks no more or less expensive than, say, the Nightlife tour concerts or any of the others from the past few decades!) but it's still a fun, lively watch. I've never noticed anything wrong with the sound or picture quality and I'm guessing it's much more fun to watch than, say, the Somewhere concert because the audience are so up for it! I've been to many PSB concerts and have never seen an audience so up for it as that Rio crowd!! My goodness...

Secondly, thinking of going to Bilbao next year with my wife. We were actually thinking of going there anyway but I now see the PSB are performing but a question: I have about as much desire to camp at a music festival as Neil Tennant probably has to do with a duet with Andy Bell. So, does anyone know: can you just get a ticket for the music and then go home after?!? Secondly (the bigger one...): does anyone know the dates over the weekend T&L are performing?! I really only want to see them, nobody else so just want the date they're on-stage. Please.

Oh, one final thing. I see the O2 tickets are almost sold-out. Is this a covid thing? (e.g. are limited tickets being sold at the moment to maintain the potential for distance between people?) or has it truly, nearly sold-out? I had tickets for the 2020 show but got quite p---d off when the agency simply transferred them to the next year and their stupid email made no reference whatsoever to getting a refund (almost trying to ignore the idea you might be able to get one) and moving it to a Sunday far from ideal - was going to take my 6 year old daughter but she has school the next day! I took a refund and whilst I wouldn't mind going to London next year, the prices are just SILLY.

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