Behaviour/Very original mixes

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Behaviour/Very original mixes

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We've been discussing the wealth of material that's still in the vaults and that should've ended up on FL discs or in single boxset. But I've just realised there are whole albums of material that could be released. I don't think they count as demoes. I'm talking about f i the Behaviour material before it was brought to be mixed by Julian M and before a lot of the overdubs done in Sarm West. There's also Very before given to Stephen H. These must surely be regarded as alternative versions rather than demoes.
There's also a version of It's a sin before Stephen H got his mixing hands on it. Must be a whole lot of other similar stuff as well.
I mean, we have some examples that have been released, foremost the differences between album versions and 7'' versions throughout the years. N&C talk at length in the FL booklets about stuff the put on or removed during the recording process and what certain producers added or removed.
Other bands have released alternative mixes/versions of whole album. First to spring to mind is The Cult's Electric which was first recorded as Peace. Electric is a great record but so is Peace, they're the same songs but very different versions.
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