Hello my "pop kids"!

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Hello my "pop kids"!

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Thanks for accepting me!
When I was a child, I saw on a tv channel, here in Brazil, an advertisement that said ...
"Has this song marked your life?
How about this one?
and many other hits ... From the band that makes history, without being boring. Buy it now!"
In the background, he played West and Girls, Suburbia, Domino Dancing and finalized the advertisement with the image of the album Discography to the sound of Being Boring.
I asked my father for money and the next day I ran away from school by jumping over the wall, took a bus and went to a mall near my house. I went straight to the record session and asked the clerk for a crate so I could reach the shelf that contained the album.
I went straight home with my trophy!
I put him on the record and to the sound of Suburbia, my mother fought with me about not going to school, but as much as she screamed at me, I could only hear Neil's voice.
Then my passion began; find out who they were, what the lyrics said, all the whys that only a genuine fan has.
But my biggest accomplishment in life was the Discovery show. I just went to watch the first performance in Sao Paulo and watched everyone in Sao Paulo and Rio. (I still keep the tickets!)
The tickets and all the records, and the tickets of all the shows to this day in Brazil.
Being in this group is one more accomplishment, because I'm close to the guys that mark my life at all times, even the bad ones!
I listen to Pet Shop Boys, every day of my life!
I think sometimes a "CrazyPet" !!
Thanks again for letting me make this group!
You have no idea how much love and devotion I have to these boys.
Love is so much that I write and cry!
And only Neil and Chris can do that ... Make a 43-year-old man cry, like a child.
Otherwise I won't stop talking!
2020 in Sao Paulo!
We are waiting!
Kisses !!!!!

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Re: Hello my "pop kids"!

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Welcome to the forum! :D

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