New York City after show: where to go?

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New York City after show: where to go?

#1 Post by Bobetpine »

Hi all Petheads,
we'll be in NYC for the Madison Square garden show on Saturday November 12.
We would like to go to a dance club after the show but would like a place (gay is better) where we could find a crowd of Petheads and hopefully a place where the dj could spin one or two PSB songs.

Any suggestion?


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Re: New York City after show: where to go?

#2 Post by MikeyC »

Hi there! The era of the huge gay dance club in NYC is pretty much over, and the sporadic ones that pop up are mainly for the very young millennials. However, there are some great lounges and bars. One bar/club hybrid you might enjoy is "Industry" in Hell's Kitchen. Also, I'll bet that "Hardware" and "Barrage" play a bit of PSB -- both also in HK.

And in the West Village, "Pieces" is always a lot of fun. It's small but has a great, fun, kitschy atmosphere and actually the friend I'm seeing PSB with is a DJ there! Obviously he won't be spinning that Saturday night, but they always play good music. Have fun!!

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