Embedded YouTube videos on forum - Flash only?

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Embedded YouTube videos on forum - Flash only?

#1 Post by Suburban_Boy »

I use Safari on my Mac and don't use Flash. I have Chrome installed so on the few occasions when I do need to view Flash content, I just use Chrome.

It's not a big issue, but I've just noticed if I open the forum using Safari on my iOS devices, I see YouTube embeds ok, but when using Safari on OSX I see 'missing plugin'.

Seems as though YouTube embeds are supposed to use HTML5 video now, but it's not always working correctly for desktop browsers, based on this article anyway - http://www.dailytech.com/Tutorial+Heres ... e37383.htm

As this forum has its own embed function for YouTube I assume there's no current way to solve the issue, unless anyone has any suggestions. I've looked at a few other websites with embedded YouTube videos and they play fine for me using my Safari browser.


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Re: Embedded YouTube videos on forum - Flash only?

#2 Post by TheGardner »

can you now check, if it's now different (better) now?

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