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Re: PSP "Tourist destinations"

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karnsculpture wrote:I'd add Kings Cross Station, though sadly most of the parts shown in the "Rent" video are gone the outside is still somewhat similar. Victoria Station WH Smiths is shown in the West End girls video, it has different signage now but you'd be able to walk in the spot the group were in the video if you go from WH Smiths to the little HMV branch near Platform 10.

Go down Carnaby Street to see where Neil used to work, and Liberty where he was spotted shopping a few times. Soho is worth a wander anyway, you'll find PSB items in the record shops of Berwick Street just a short walk from Carnaby St, and Brewer Street/Berwick Street/Old Compton Street still has a little of that seedy Soho vibe seen briefly in the West End girls video.

Go West to South Kensington to walk around some of the places mentioned in "The Ghost Of Myself" such as the V&A.

That's all I can think of for now. Have fun!

All of that WH Smiths has been knocked down in recent weeks...
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Re: PSB "Tourist destinations"

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cross embankment gardens/enter warmth and light
in suits or sequins/or twin sets and pearls

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Re: PSB "Tourist destinations"

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Cafe Picasso -Kings Road/Ghost of myself
accross the road flat Neil used to rent in 80-ies/curious if that s the one with "single bad" he "used to share with "her-Camille or Krysta .. :roll: or same place where Chris "used to sleep on the floor"??- -- :lol: :lol:

Savoy of course

Royal Albert Hall


heaven :angel: ..

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Re: PSB "Tourist destinations"

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scheiner wrote: Sat 02 Feb 2013, 8:32 am
Ellie wrote:The famous electronics shop doesn't exist anymore, it's now the left hand half of Le Pain Quotidien cafe/bakery on the Kings Road in Chelsea (ie. the seating area of the cafe, the wall's been knocked down between two old shops to make one big one). We found this out from another fan who had a picture of the shop before it closed. Unfortunately, it's been completely re-done inside but it's still worth going in to have a hot chocolate!

I happened to visit that bakery a few months ago. really nice place...

If I'm right about the address, it's now The Ivy Asia Chelsea.
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Re: PSB "Tourist destinations"

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I located and had a nosey at where Neil lives off the kings road years ago (90s) does anyone know where Chris lived in Blackpool?

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