Finally! A good West End girls recreation

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Finally! A good West End girls recreation

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Have you ever noticed how bad the attempts to recreate West End Girls are? Go and check out YouTube. All but one don't even get close. Not only are the sounds wrong in most cases, but they don't even get the notes correct. Especially the Trumpet solo - no one gets that even close.

After being continually frustrated, I figured I'd stop whining and prove it could be done better. Along the way I learnt a lot about how the original recording was constructed, both from scouring through obscure and often contradictory interviews and trial and error testing.


Disclaimers / notes:
Non-monetized video - YT determined this is a copy of the original (lol - it's not), so any money goes to PSB.
Not trying to build views a personal platform/channel. Just a fan who thought you might like it too.
This post is intended to be a discussion of the studio techniques used in the original, so it didn't seem to belong in the YT megathread.
This is not the original recording with AI removing the vocal. You can always tell those because the things that sound like voices (e.g. choir sounds) get removed too and there are often some artifacts from the vocal.

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