Their saddest songs

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Re: Their saddest songs

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Postscript and Transfer

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Re: Their saddest songs

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Re: Their saddest songs

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This was one the first threads I jumped to on here. Some excellent choices thanks for everyone’s shares, I find it interesting as it’s very subjective isn’t it. I’m still searching for that true personal heartbreaker. Hopefully a few sad PSB songs I’m yet to find. PSB have re-entered my life during a time of grief, longing and love questioning. I really like the upbeat stuff (love a good dance) too but their moody, sad and reflective side is mostly my go to right now. My current favourite sad/reflective songs

Later Tonight
The survivors
I cried for us
I want to wake up
Love is a catastrophe
To step aside
The way it used to be
If life is worth living
It's got to be done

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