Lost late '80s/early '90s live recording?

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Lost late '80s/early '90s live recording?

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A fascinating snippet from a Rolling Stones article in the latest issue of Mojo. There's a short history of The Rolling Stones Mobile, a recording studio built in a lorry in 1969.
[...]In the '80s, the Mobile passed on to Wyman's AIMS charity. "We used it to record 50 unknown artists throughout England for free," he tells Mojo. "Then we presented them with the master tapes of the recordings to do with as they wanted."

The truck didn't seem to adapt to the digital age, with major mishaps losing live material at shows by both Diana Ross and the Pet Shop Boys. This writer visited the mobile in 1996, when it had been sold at auction to an audio dealer in Hitchin. [...]
So I assume that it was supposed to record a show (or shows?) somewhere on the UK leg of the 1989 or 1991 tours. Does anyone have any more details on this story?

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