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New blog posts about the Pet Shop Boys

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Hi all! I've previously shared a few blog posts I've written about Pet Shop Boys gigs I've been to here. I haven't been on the forum for a while and I feel slightly sheepish to return just to share some more blog posts, but well, here I am! :)

Previously I blogged mainly about gigs but in the last few weeks I've started writing about all the songs and albums that have had an impact on me throughout my life. The Pet Shop Boys are the group that made me a music fan and so they are the subject of both my first post about a song, and my first about an album! Here are the links If you would like to read them:

All the songs of my life, #1: "It's A Sin" by the Pet Shop Boys

All the albums of my life, #1: "Actually" by the Pet Shop Boys

Hope you enjoy, comments and opinions happily received! I'll have quite a bit more to write about the Pet Shop Boys coming up so hope you'll keep an eye on the blog if you enjoy these :)
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