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Marie loves PSB
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Re: Hi to everyone

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Hello Markp

How are you? Fine, I hope. I am fine - thank you. :D My health is a pain but, through the years I have got used to it. It came on that gradual that I didn't notice. My balance is not good. (Giddies and vertigo near enough all the time). It just takes me a bit longer to do things than anyone else and things like stairs are a big "no no". lol...

Oh, my word my posters - the collection got so much they were on the ceiling at one point! Mind you, it did look good. :mrgreen: At the time everyone knew I was a fan so a few friends used to save me posters etc... Those were the days!

Yes, PSB are very busy at the mo. The album I didn't really like the name at first. But, it could mean a "place of entertainment" rather than Wi Fi. The Burning the Heather track seems ok but, the video is bad for me. (The image in the middle of the screen moving around and upside down). This is how I am normally with the vertigo lol... Wish the album would have been out for Christmas to be honest. :up: Oh, I think one of the tracks is called something like "Willow the Wisp" - Do you remember that programme? - I do! :oops:

PSB's music makes me happy and sad. Actually is my favourite and first ever PSB album. I like Super and Electric but, have to be careful with Electric. I would say I was very lucky to have grown up with their music.

Yes, I am piercing and tattoo mad (not good really is it?). I have got some PSB Tattoos. You are not boring btw. :) If you get "into" piercing and tattoo's one is never enough and you are always skint! It didn't really start until I hit around 33 then the Daith piercing craze started when I was in my 40's lol.. (Most of my piercings are ear ones). Weirdly, after a Tattoo my illness gets a bit better but, only for about three weeks though.

I think Pet Shop Boys fans are unique. :mrgreen: :clap: Neil's lyrics are intelligent I agree. Sometimes I am surprised how he thinks them up.

Hope you find my instructions on posting a "new topic" work - Get posting and meet the fans! :up: :mrgreen:

Looking forward to your reply. :)

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Re: Hi to everyone

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Hi Marie

Sorry to hear about your vertigo. I don't know to much about it other than the popular perception of it. I do understand that it is much more than fearing heights though and can be debilitating.
Has it affected your working life as well?
I never even thought of psb tattoos. Now that Is a true fan!
Thanks for boosting my ego with saying I'm not boring. In some ways I do appear nondescript as I look like pretty much everyone else with nothing that stands out about me. Back when the please album came out it was an accompiament to an introverted teenager, which I was. I didn't really think of it at the time. The music was new, sounded great and spoke for me. That was my frame of reference and I didn't think of anything being any different to how it was then. Now I'm older and realise things are changing all the time, including me!! The please album and the single west end girls still mean so much to me and that for sure has never changed. Its been a love affair since then with psb.
They don't know it, but they took me from the introverted teenager to a not so introverted man.
I do really like the Actually album as well. I love the tracks king's cross and rent. I taped the album from a record, but being a 45 minute cassette it cut the last bit of kings Cross off. I always find it funny that I remember that 30 odd years later!
I think your tattoos and piercings make you sound like an interesting person with depth. I like people who are intelligent and unconventional. They always have something to say and engage their minds in activities beyond what popular culture serves up.
Psb music, Neal and Chris certainly do that for me.
I think they told me that when I was 17. I just needed to find my voice!
Thanks for the advice on posting new topics. I will get on with that. I don't get much time during the week with work to do other stuff. Tonight's free time I've very happily spent writing to you.
The psb fan meet Is something I find exciting, so I will be posting on that to see how it goes.
Whst is the Daith craze in tattooing? I know , I'm living s sheltered life.
Look forward to hearing from you.

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Marie loves PSB
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Re: Hi to everyone

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Hi Markp

Hope you are well. Sorry, I haven't replied much sooner. No problem about the vertigo. :) Yes, it is much more than fearing heights. lol... I only have to just move my head to set the thing off. Yes, it has messed things up - I cannot work due to it. :down:

Lol... about being a true fan with my PSB's tattoo's. - My mum would most probably say I was mad having so many.

You mentioned about appearing as nondescript in some ways. Oh, I wish I was like that! You cannot miss me. I try to blend in but it never lets me. :wall: I was very introverted when I was younger too but, the illness has made me go the other way. Things do change all the time I agree. Nothing will stay as it is and was. You could say that things could never be boring. Glad you are not such an introverted man now-a-days.

There are many songs that I love and King's Cross is one of them. I love Actually and Please is pretty good as well. I used to wear my tapes out. They are sadly, long gone now. It is funny to remember things 30 years ago and I cannot remember what I had for dinner yesterday lol...

Thank you for saying that I sound like an interesting person with my tattoos and piercings. :mrgreen: They are all colourful which, I love. I like intelligent people as well.

Hope that you are able to post some posts in the forum itself. :up: It takes a little while to get used to. Thank you for happily replying to me when you hadn't got much time during the week. :D It would be nice for you to meet some of the fans and chat to them.

Before I forget - have you got one of these signed? It took nearly a year but, I got one in the end. The trouble I had to get it. lol.. https://coles-books.co.uk/one-hundred-l ... il-tennant

A Daith is one of these - https://www.piercemeup.com/wp-content/u ... ing-12.jpg (it isn't my ear btw). I have got both of mine pierced and my mum has got one as well. They "can" help with headaches and migraines. I would be very lost without mine!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Marie. :D

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