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Hi from a new member

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Hi all,
My name is Kaykay. A british asian born and breed in Leicester but then moved to London about 15 years ago.

I first got into Pop music in and around late 1987 (aged 13), listening to the acts of the time via Top Of the pops. I then noticed early December, an act I had heard of called the Pet Shop Boys..(whom I thought were a American Hip Hop/Urban act for some reason. I guess something to do with the Beastie Boys) released there new song ‘Always On My Mind’. I couldn’t have so further from the truth. 2 British dead pan electronic pop artists singing this melodic song. I had there and then got effectuated with them. I remember feeling surprised at Always on my mind getting to No. 1 ahead of Rick Astley’s When I Fall In Love along with Nat King Coles re-release. I felt this connection with the boys from there.

After a few months of 1988, I discovered more pop acts, namely, Erasure, Climie Fisher, Rick Astley, Bomb The Bass, T’Pau etc.. but I quickly realised I was into Electronic Pop.
. PSB then released ‘Heart’ and I was completely bowled over. It was the best thing I had heard. (Remember, I hadn’t heard Actually at this point.). I then did further investigation on PSB. West End Girls, Its A Sin & What have I done to deserve this? were songs that were on radio, so I knew them. I would then borrow cassettes of friends who would have these songs and tape them.

My first PSB album I heard in 1988 I was given by cousin to borrow was Disco. I had taped it and fell in love with Paninaro on first listen. I then finally got a copy of Actually taped for me from a friend that then became my musical bible. I then proceeded onto getting a copy of Please recorded for me (which at the time was weak compared to Actually and Disco).

I would also buy Smash Hits and PSB on the front, read there interviews etc.. collect lyrics, posters. PSB became my ‘team’. At school, there were loads of PSB fans.

Domino Dancing premiered in Aug 1988 on Radio 1 and again, for me this was the best thing they had done. I taped off the radio and heard it non stop.. Finally with my pocket money, I purchased the 12 inch or Domino dancing for £3.49 from HMV. My first record I had bought. I then just became a lifetime fan. The following years, Depeche Mode came into my life, also 808 State.

Watching Chris Lowe on TOTP inspired me to become a synth player. Just seeing those Emulators and Fairlights inspired me so much that by 1990 (aged 16), I was composing and programming music into a Roland hardware sequencer using the schools Yamaha DX11. As I got older, imi studied composition at University and did my post grad in music education. By the mid 90s, I had obviously started to listen to some art music and also more real instrument guitar/drums music, but eagerly and always awaited PSBs new releases. By 1991, I had mostly everything I needed on vinyl or CD released by PSB.

I am a music teacher, composer, artist in the Indian music scene here in the UK and have loads of videos on YouTube via my page (Kaykay Chauhan).

I for one thought the PSB would probably call it a day by the mid 90s like most of the 1980’s acts.. but didn’t realise they would go on and on.. I have seen PSB twice. Ths Uni Tour in Leicester in 2002 and the Pandemonium tour in 2009 at the o2.
I have had one of my musicians/drummer Lucas Parlato perform with the boys last year.

Look forward to hearing from fellow PSB fans.
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Re: Hi from a new member

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Welcome to the forum! :D

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