Best Pet Shop Boys Song Ever

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Which is the best Pet Shop Boys song ever?

West End Girls
Go West
Always on my mind
It's a sin
Can you forgive her?
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#46 Post by dVTB »

Northernerrj wrote:For me the best is "The Survivors"
:D For me too, of course :wink:


#47 Post by Sjòn »

There are many great psb songs that, depending on my mood, I could choose the best of all. Right now, the best is My October Symphony

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#48 Post by Ray »

King's Cross.
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#50 Post by krikra »

For me the best PSB song is 'Hit and Miss'... :D but of these songs - 'It's a sin' of course

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#51 Post by Dreamcatcher2003 »

krikra wrote:For me the best PSB song is 'Hit and Miss'... :D but of these songs - 'It's a sin' of course
As no single was released in Turkey, and there was no Amazon then, I had to wait for "Hit and Miss" until Further Releases...I cannot say "Hit and Miss" is the best song but I can safely say that no PSB song since "This Must be the Place..." had made me stop in the middle of what I was doing, and turned up the volume...It is almost a reincarnation of PSB's old-time poignancy which made them famous in the first place..but again lacking something as if they didn't try as much as they should, although they had the chance and it somehow feels as if the song needs one more make-up/ something akin to Popart Flamboyant and single Flamboyant.
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#52 Post by glennjridge »

yeah I love hit and miss. something about that line "if your heart is cold and I seem too old, just think back to the first time we were in love".

thats a pretty heartbreaking line.

I feel its a great song with a less than stellar arrangement.something about the sound of the acoustic guitar turns me sounds kinda muddy.

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Re: Best Pet Shop Boys Song Ever

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How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously? (The Perfect Atittude Mix)

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