Poll ends soon on new bonus tracks on re-reissues of early PSB albums

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Poll ends soon on new bonus tracks on re-reissues of early PSB albums

#1 Post by geowayne » Fri 14 Apr 2017, 6:16 am

Hey there! Tomorrow (Saturday) is the last full day of my current poll, which asks whether you would like for the re-reissues of the first six Pet Shop Boys albums (previously reissued in 2001, each with a bonus disc of additional tracks -- b-sides, remixes, demos, and the like) that will be coming out later this year when the next five albums are reissued to have any "new" bonus tracks that weren't included in 2001. (Hmmm -- that sounds a little complicated. But I think I phrased it more clearly in the poll itself.) If you haven't voted yet, please take a moment to visit my "Commentary" site at http://www.geowayne.com/psbhtml.htm, check out the choices I've provided right there on my home page, and make the selection that most closely matches your own viewpoint.

On Sunday I will end this poll, post the final results, and launch a new survey -- one that will run for two weeks while I take a brief sabbatical.

Thanks to everyone who has already voted! And I hope you all have a wonderful weekend -- a wonderful Easter weekend for those of you who observe the holiday!

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Re: Poll ends soon on new bonus tracks on re-reissues of early PSB albums

#2 Post by Drico One » Fri 14 Apr 2017, 10:24 am

I must say I am looking forward to overindulging in the reissues this year. While I doubt Parlophone or whatever they are called this year will take enough interest to revisit the initial reissues in terms of tracklisting, there is no doubt in my mind that some of the Further Listening discs could be improved. For a start, I don't think any disc benefits from having the same song on in different forms (e.g., two versions of Opportunities on the Please FL, two Hearts on Actually, etc.). Given that the tracks in question are already on the main album in one form, having it twice more on the bonus discs rather diminishes the listening experience and flow.

I'd jettison the duplicates - only one version of a song on FL (giving a maximum of two between the main album and bonus disc - which allows for the inclusion of singles).

Of course, in an ideal world, Neil and Chris would add a few "new" tracks to the old tracklisting to account for the removal of redundant duplicates, but I suspect that this is unrealistic given the fact they are no longer on the label.

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