Hello from Spain

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Hello from Spain

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Hello, everyone!

After years reading you all, I finally decided to join the community. I'm not much of a talker in social media, but I think I should try and describe what kind of a fan I am. I'm not an English speaker, but I'll do my best to write properly!

My first PSB memory, the It's a Sin video. First album bought, Very. Yes, I'm one of those. I owned Alternative years before Actually.

My first gig, the Nightlife tour in January, 2000. I've been to the first batch of the Super Tour at the ROH and not to the second, but I'll say in my defence that I also attended to the Royal Albert Hall concert.

I own Relentless triple 12" and the first x2 release but I would not buy a 12" I already own all of the tracks of.

That's more or less the kind of a fan I am. That's a start!

PS: I secretly clap my hands in joy whenever Drico One posts anything and regularly vote on Geowayne's surveys.


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