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Hello from Atlanta

Posted: Sun 18 Dec 2016, 11:37 pm
by Xakrij

Just a few words of salutation, introduction, and admiration. As a Pet Shop Boys fan(atic) since their inception, I look forward to sharing my thoughts, theories, and questions with the members of these forums. I anticipate some interesting discussions!
An avid collector, I became disenchanted with collecting. The advent of the Internet made it easy to locate items which were elusive and I realized that I really missed the “thrill of the chase” in completing my PSB catalog. My interest waned. Therefore, there are huge gaps in my collection from “Release” up to “Electric.”

I have been keeping current with the “Super” releases (although I am not very excited about the album or singles). The best songs on “Super” are “Burn” (it has a certain 'dirty rhythm' !) along with “The dictator decides“ and “Into thin air“. I am impressed with the video for “Twenty-something.” Kudos to Neil and Chris for selecting Gavin Filipiak as director for this “cholo goth” style video. This juxtaposition validates the plight of this generation.

Anyhow…as retirement for me occurs in June(!)…I plan to occupy my time working on filling in the gaps in my Pet Shop Boys collection…and working on my family’s genealogy.

Re: Hello from Atlanta

Posted: Mon 19 Dec 2016, 8:54 pm
by StevePSB
Nice to see an intro! Welcome. :)