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Hi, my name is Paul.
I'm from East Anglia, near Wisbech, and am 39 years old.
I first heard Pet Shop Boys in 1987 at the age of 11-12, when my brother played me the Actually album. I've been a fan ever since.
I try to buy all vinyl singles and CD singles and albums, inevitable downloads too.
Unfortunately I've not been rich enough to purchase any of the "ultimate" editions and somehow missed the Electric Playbutton.
I've been to every tour at least once except in 1989 when I was too young and innocent to know what it was all about !! In more recent times I've been twice or more as the tours span 2-3 years.
I was also fortunate enough to attend the Trafalgar Square Battleship Potemkin, Sadler's Wells The Most Incredible Thing and the recent Prom.

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