Looking for Gaps in my Collection

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Looking for Gaps in my Collection

#1 Post by user29 » Sat 24 Aug 2019, 4:46 am


Looking to fill gaps in my Vinyl collection...

Examples would be

Introspective Red
Actually Red
Its a sin white
Truck Driver 12
Love to love you 12" (promo)
Actually / Please test pressings (not promo)
Can you forgive her (blue
Disco 3 white label test pressing
disco 1 (from the Philippines)
Heart promo (portugal)
HCYETBTS 12 white label France promo
Introspective testpressing (germany)
Intrspective (polisg unofficial)
Very - (picure disc)
Suburbia - storm issue
Introspective 7"s
Jealousy german 12" *chris sleeve)
Its alright Brazil promo dj international
Devices / Retrspective mix
Lively tracks promo
Now playing
One more chance ARS belgium (blue and white sleeve)
one more change greek 7" promo
opportunities 12" japan (whtte labels)
Please (taiwan / korea official)
realmente promo
rent promo folder
sexy northerner 12"
somewhere atlantic 12" set
suburbia japan test pressing
Super - numbered edition
very - ecuador
epic West End girls 7" and 7" promo
West End girls test pressings / acetate
streets no name - yellow promo pack
Tina Turner wildest dreams


Long boxes & It couldnt happen here...

and Maladjusted by Morrissey (hey who knows!)

I know long shots - but some people may be ready to part and help :)

let me know!
Now, my head is spinning....

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