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Re: T-Shirts

#16 Post by G_Goalden »

@TimelessMelody_ on Twitter do some excellent designs. I bought an Electronic and a New Order one a couple of years ago and the quality was excellent.

The PSB ones aren’t great but maybe if a few people asked for them???

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Re: T-Shirts

#17 Post by eastendboy »

Hopefully I’ll get a reply soon. I’m amazed that with the reissue of discovery there wasn’t an option to purchase merchandise. Maybe they could do a trial run to see what the demand is like and purchase some decent t shirts to print on. Or ask Agent Doris to run this for them as he probably has most t shirts that have been released.

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Re: T-Shirts

#18 Post by Gabby »

I forget where I got it but I have a lovely tshirt that says DJCulture in the same font and colour as the single.

It do sort of feel PSB might be missing a trick here.

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Re: T-Shirts

#19 Post by PopKid78 »

Is there anywhere out there a list of all the official T Shirts with pictures?

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