Merry Early Xmas! Stonewall Equality 1997 Show

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Re: Merry Early Xmas! Stonewall Equality 1997 Show

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jasonjohn wrote: Wed 21 Apr 2021, 1:08 am
alig wrote: Wed 18 Dec 2019, 11:26 am Stonewall? Wasn't that this seedy dive where people went cruising? Why would the boys wanna be associated with that?
I assume you're being wry here. Either that or you've unsubscribed your fandom after learning they frequent the Berghain.
Berghain is tame lab.oratory is where the action is at... they both clearly know what happens there (as they have talked about it) ;-)

I know I do :dance: :twisted: :dance:

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Re: Merry Early Xmas! Stonewall Equality 1997 Show

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verbow79 wrote: Tue 20 Apr 2021, 2:28 am Good quality mp3's of this show seem to be similiar to the search for the holy grail, ie not likely to exist. The ones I posted at the beginning of this thread were obtained off Soulseek years ago, but haven't come across anyone with good quality sounding ones.

Did anyone actually get a chance to attend this show live back in '97?
I was there!
What's for supper?

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