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by big_sky
Wed 24 Feb 2010, 10:19 pm
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Topic: It's a grower
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Re: It's a grower

Most of their slower songs have taken a bit of listening for me. Didn't get King's Cross or Do I Have To? til I saw them live. Listened to them both dozens of times the next day. Both Before and Love Etc were instant hits with me. In fact, many years pre-PSB-mania I had an off-the-radio recording of...
by big_sky
Tue 23 Feb 2010, 9:42 pm
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Topic: HELLO!
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Hi all, Always vaguely aware of PSB growing up but only started to really pay attention around 2005. When I bought Please I was very much about jingly-jangly indie stuff and hugely snobby about pop (singles are good, albums are dire, not real music, etc). By next morning I was dancing through the co...