Do you remember...

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Do you remember...

#1 Post by Pertan »

the first PSB record you bought/owned....?

For me it was Please LP (traded it from my older sis :0))

First 12" I bought (at release date) think it was Left T M O D. 12"

// :)

Perfect Melody

#2 Post by Perfect Melody »

Very was my first CD. How boring.

But what can I do when I become a fan only in '94? :( :oops: :?

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#3 Post by bobblekat »

Suburbia 7" when I went into a record shop with my brother when I was only 10 :)
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Re: Do you remember...

#4 Post by virtual1 »

Pertan wrote:the first PSB record you bought/owned....?

For me it was Please LP (traded it from my older sis :0))

First 12" I bought (at release date) think it was Left T M O D. 12"

// :)
The Please LP here too... and on CD I think it was Behaviour, on 7" I think it was a UK 7" of West End girls... on 12" it was probably the remix 12" of It's A Sin =)
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#5 Post by Ronald42 »

I first got a compilation LP which had the West End girls 12'' on it. Second was the DISCO LP because of Suburbia and the SP remix of West End girls. But needless to say I liked all but Love comes quickly. First 12'' dunno really but most likely It's a sin remix. Never got me a PSB 7''

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#6 Post by Being boring »

Se a vida e from NOW 35

The first record I bought was Home and dry in 2002. *new fan*
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#7 Post by Vicki »

Nightlife on the cassette - everything I had had before it were bootlegs or recorded from radio. But I don't blame myself for that - being a little girl who goes to school and doesn't have pocket money to buy an official licensed PSB CD.
My first ever PSB record was recorded from the radio and it was It's a sin, the second one was Go West, the third and the fourth were Rent and Always on my mind.
I became PSB-obsessed only in 1998 :oops: but it was when I was 10 or 11 :))) Remember it as clear as if it was yesterday... My God! How years pass us by! And we don't even notice it.


#8 Post by Technotrancemix »

I can't remember

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#9 Post by Darkmoon »

I remember the first single I bought was the 7" of Suburbia when it was just released. I also remember buying the *tape* of Actually :)
Of course I bought everything since Suburbia, but for some reason these two I remember more clearly...

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#10 Post by StevePSB »

Being of a somewhat poor background, although I had been a PSB fan from the off I had no money as a kid, so until about 1990 my PSB collection consisted of taped tunes from the radio and copied cassette albums from the library.

I really can't remember what genuine PSB item I bought first. It would probably have been Introspective on cassette followed by the other PSB albums on cassette shortly after.

My first single bought at the time of release was 'Can you forgive her?', but at that point I had already built up a good collection of previously released singles on various formats. The first album I bought at time of release was Discography, although again, I already had all the other PSB albums released prior to that, if only on cassette as until Christmas 1992 I didn't have a CD player.


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#11 Post by stoo »

first record was disco, single was suburbia, 12"was its a sin. and i still have the originals today
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#12 Post by DJAMIX »

Cassete, Actually... :wink:
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#13 Post by Trixiemix »

The single 'West end Girls' on vinyl.
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#14 Post by Naughty Zoot »

My 1st purchase was Behavior and it was on Cassette. Then I didn't buy any more PSB until the Very / Relentless CDs came out. And I didn't yet own a CD player.
In both cases -- I Just Had To Have Them.

By this time, I was hooked on PSB & began an 11 year mission to own all I could of the Tennant / Lowe collaborations.
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#15 Post by Enrique »

I remember fairly well buying both Please & Disco on vinyl from a local record store one evening after school... The picture grid on Please inner sleeve got my hipnotized for years...! :wink:
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