PSB counterfeit CDs on eBay

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PSB counterfeit CDs on eBay

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I know this subject has been covered previously and there are good and bad bootleg items that appear from time to time for sale but what really annoys me is the sellers on eBay who hoodwink people into thinking they are getting a genuine CD rarity when in fact they are just ripping the general public off. Some of these items are given fake catalogue numbers that mimic or complement the real ones, have graphics on the discs that mimic or complement the real ones and have similar sleeves to mimic or complement the real ones. They are not advertised as bootlegs but are advertised as genuine or promo items sometimes being offered as a bundle with genuine CDs that are practically worthless. This is plain fraud and they have the audacity to invite bids starting at tens or hundreds of pounds or dollars. Every time I report these thieves to eBay they do precisely nothing so I have practically given up reporting them now. I have been misled on more than one occasion and I consider myself a fairly knowledgable collector. It felt like robbery once I realised what I had bought was fake and felt ashamed and used. On the one occasion I tried to sell a genuine copy of ‘Very’ in the orange pimpled box on eBay I made the mistake of describing the box as having a ‘Lego like’ texture and eBay promptly shut down my auction saying I was infringing copyright when in fact I had described it as above and not as plain ‘Lego’ - what are your opinions out there and is there anything we can do to make things better?

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