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One More Chance '84

Posted: Thu 01 Dec 2005, 4:23 am
by Propertius
This is probably very old news indeed, but the original Bobby "O" produced version of "One More Chance" is availble on CD -- for the first time officially, to the best of my knowledge -- on the Spanish I Love Bobby "O" comp. released by Blanco Y Negro ... last year? I'm not sure when it was released. Just got it myself, and it's excellent: most of the tracks sound very bright and clear. Unfortunately, "One More Chance" is the murkiest cut on the disc! It doens't sound much better than it did as a bootleg on the You Are Always On My Mind comp.

I recommend this disc, actually: excellent cuts from the Flirts, Divine, Bobby "O" himself, Oh Romeo (but not "Try It," unfortunately -- or not so unfortunately, since the Oh Romeo version isn't very good), and some of hte other usual suspects.

Posted: Thu 01 Dec 2005, 1:22 pm
by DogWater
Interesting bit of news. Thanks!