Greetings from Sebastian

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Greetings from Sebastian

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Hello Everyone,

I have finally registered after lurking for near a decade.

I hail from the States and live in the wonderful Bay Area.

I must say that I have known of the Boys since I was a kid, but really didn’t start worshipping them until I was in the right place and frame of mind; that is to say out of college and with some life experience. Which happened to be when Fundamental came out.

I am a historian and burgeoning mental health professional and a keen sporting fan, among other things. Some might say I have had an interesting and varied life.

I won’t give out too many details but I can say that Yes provided the soundtrack for my yearlong vacation in Iraq in 2009-2010.

Did You See Me Coming is actually a rather ironic song to listen to when using a machine gun.

I look forward to getting to know all of you better. PSB are not nearly as well known in the US as they are elsewhere and one does suffer from wont of fellow fans.


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Re: Greetings from Sebastian

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Welcome to the forum. :D

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