A Hello from Chicago

New members introduce yourself or just say hi here. The answers to Frequently Asked Questions live here too.
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A Hello from Chicago

#1 Post by mizakethemizan »

Hi! New American member v excited to be a part of this community.

A little background: so I've worked in my current restaurant kitchen job since I moved to Chicago a couple years ago. I have an obsessive relationship to music and have many favorite artists from a variety of genres (also an obnoxious Moz fanatic). My co-worker - he normally listens to punk and more acoustic-based music - has a soft spot for '80s synth pop and introduced me to PSB one night via 'Domino Dancing,' calling it 'the best song ever.' I was immediately hooked and started to gradually scour their discography for more goodness.

What's transpired since then has really been one of those drawn out 'where have I been??' moments, as I really feel I could've easily been into this band in college or high school had I known better. But it's better late than never, and I'm just eternally grateful that I've seen the light. Let the obsession continue!

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Re: A Hello from Chicago

#2 Post by themgnt »

Welcome to the party! You've discovered them at a good time as the majority of their back catalogue is being reissues in expanded editions called Further Listening.

Be sure to lose yourself browsing https://www.psb-catalogue.com/ :D

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Re: A Hello from Chicago

#3 Post by Disco. »

Yes, welcome ! :D

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Re: A Hello from Chicago

#4 Post by HelenRoad344 »

Hello! I am also from this city, so I am sure that we will find some common topics, which will be interesting for everyone. Thank you and write me too. Have the best of everything.

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