Greetings from Ohio!

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Greetings from Ohio!

#1 Post by montego200x » Fri 18 Aug 2017, 10:21 pm

I've been a dedicated Pet Shop Boys fan since about 2002 (I know, Johnny-come-lately), but appreciated the singles I heard long before that. Since then, I've built up a fairly large collection, and I'm very excited about the Catalogue project (I have the first three, and I can't wait for Yes and Elysium). I met one fellow fan here in town who has Literally #21-41 and Annually (he's pretty salty about not being sent a copy of #42), and he's been nice enough to lend me them one at a time to read though (I absolutely did not use my scanner to make a copy for my personal collection, because that would make me a terrible person 8) :-P ). Anyway, I've lurked on the site long enough, and thought it was time to introduce myself).

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