Hello from a Pethead in Manchester

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Hello from a Pethead in Manchester

#1 Post by zenorac » Wed 06 Apr 2016, 3:44 pm

Hello everyone. I've been a voracious reader of this forum for years, always been a bit reticent to post, but with the arrival of 'Super' it seems like a good time to dive in a start chatting with you lot. Feel like I know a lot of you already, but of course you won't have a clue about me :) Hoping to have some good natured chat with my fellow Pet Shop Boys fans.

I've been a fan since High School - and remember vividly being very late for English because I was listening to 'West End Girls' for the first time on the Radio One chart rundown one Tuesday afternoon in the mid-80's. Been entranced by them ever since. Find it hard to be overly critical about Pet Shop Boys. As cliched as it sounds, they've been the constant soundtrack to my life, and I find meaning and depth to everything they do.

Favourite album is Behaviour, favourite single Being Boring. Favourite collaboration Liza Minnelli. Favourite side project, The Most Incredible Thing, followed closely by A Man From The Future.

"Let's enjoy it all, while it lasts."

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