Axis Promo CD-R (not mine, but...)

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Axis Promo CD-R (not mine, but...)

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Just wanted to let Petheads know about this Axis promo on eBay...

I purchased a copy of this previously from the seller and it seems legit. It has the stomper code that lines up with this listing on Pet Shop Boys Catalogue...

CD-R: 2013 UK (x2 Recordings Ltd.; n/a) [x50; May 2013; stomper code: "CD-R 80 CWLHT-1111 V110"]
3:49 Axis (radio edit) ["Edit"]
5:32 Axis (album version)

Not sure where the "50 copies" come from, as on Discogs, more than 50 people claim to own it (!) but it does seem authentic nonetheless.

I share this because I know that the PSB "promo" market is awash with fakes etc. and given that this is the only place I know of where you can actually get Axis (Radio Edit) on CD, I thought I'd bring it to your attention.

Have a good day.

Retro. :)

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