Japanese Very Relentless WANTED

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Japanese Very Relentless WANTED

#1 Post by Technotrancemix »

Hello and a big hug to all my fans lol. There are still plenty of items that I need to complete my collection but the 1 specific item that I have not got and desperately need is Very Relentlesss Japanese edition. I'm willing to negotiate if you have an unopened and SEALED Japanese edition. This is the only Japanese PSB CD that I have not yet got and it would be nice to finally get this. Finding a sealed DJ International mixes CD was easier. If anyone would like to get in touch with me about where I can purchase this (VR Jap 2CD), then please put me out of my misery. Thanks for your help :)

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#2 Post by Dez »

I never been 2 Japan. wish I could help ya! mate

don't have it
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#3 Post by DJAMIX »

Can't help you either, but thanks 4 stopping by! :)
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