So Hard 15 years today! (20) (25) (30)

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So Hard 15 years today! (20) (25) (30)

#1 Post by Pertan »

So Hard released 24/9 1990

15 years today so to say.

Those were the days......
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#2 Post by Hmmm »

Great song very provocative with a double entendre "we make it so Hard".. :angel:
They make a little go along way.. very Minimal but Fundamental.

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#3 Post by Vince »

Gosh, it really seems a long time back, but the music still sounds great..

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#4 Post by westendboy87 »

Yes, it aged well

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#5 Post by Young Offender »

Awesome baseline!

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#6 Post by shamelessboyuk »

Jesus! That was the first proper single I bought, which I also happened to buy on the day of release. I suppose today is some sort of anniversary for me :o
My how time flies :)

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#7 Post by glennjridge »

chris thinks "its on blot on this album"(behaviour)

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#8 Post by Dreamcatcher2003 »

Well, it was among the most anticipated "singles" of 1990 after the heightened expectations thanks to Introspective.
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#9 Post by Naughty Zoot »

glennjridge wrote:chris thinks "its a blot on this album"(behaviour)
With all due respect :

Chris is Sadly Mistaken. :eh:

SH is a clever little gem of a song. It's Intimate, Universal, Gossipy, Honest, Funny, Serious, Cynical & Sincere.

All at once.

I like it here ~~ wherever it is ...

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#10 Post by ArseSpanker »

Crikey! 15?!!? That means it'll be taking it's GCSE's this year! How time flies...
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#11 Post by StevePSB »

Christ, it seems like yesterday and I was still more than a year away from finishing school! Half my lifetime ago!


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#12 Post by Shopper »

I was so dissapointed that it was stuck at #4 :cry: Isnt it PSB's last self-penned UK Top 5 ??
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#13 Post by Yisraelee »

And it was made with analogue synths! A sign of things to come?

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#14 Post by rabagast »

One of my sorrows in life is never to have heard So Hard live. What Chris has against that record is beyond me. Production-wise it was lightyears ahead of it's time, the verses and the middle eight are dead clever and the chorus is one ofe the strongest, simplest and most gorgeous choruses ever....

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Henrik Powers
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#15 Post by Henrik Powers »

Great Track, great lyrics... 8,5/10

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