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Hello there

Swedish group and swedish I am, but...hmmmm, not very good..
..but I hope "baby" is a good song. Like being Borin gbut mor up tempo , I heard.
They wil release it autumn or winter this year.

Cheers P

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jamie1978 wrote:
BlueSwan wrote:
Zeus On The Loose wrote:Chris has immaculate taste in music. For starters, we like the exact same records. With the exception of The Show Must Go On, of course.
How can you not like The Show Must Go On. One of the greatest rock anthems ever, IMO!
Was that song written in the context of Freddie dying of AIDS? Just curious....
Yes, written by Roger Taylor. About Freddie specifically and people's lives in general. Done with Freddie's full cooperation, a few things were tweaked.
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