Opportunities on "Beauty and the geek" (videos)

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Opportunities on "Beauty and the geek" (videos)

#1 Post by shameless »

Opportunities is the song of "Beauty and the geek" :twisted:

I have cut the pdtv for you 8) You can download the vids now ;)

advertisement and tv show

this tv show rulez! :twisted:

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#2 Post by glennjridge »

yeah its a good show.its also surprising how nice the beauties are to the geeks. I thought the show would be them making fun of them and so on, but they all seem to like each other. but then again, its just started maybe they will get on each others nerves.

it sure was kinda funny to see how the one guy gets nosebleeds whenever he gets nervous.

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#3 Post by psb-freak »

Thnx for those. I watched the ad. Was it really that short?
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#4 Post by Enrique »

gracias! :)
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#5 Post by spongeg »

they use the song every week for the theme song

i have been watching it every week - its a good show for reality tv
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