Neil's voice archetypes

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Re: Neil's voice archetypes

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I love "King of rome" Neil. high shimmering sounding vocal going in and out of a falsetto.

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Re: Neil's voice archetypes

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Talking about It's a Sin again, certainly "live'" I would describe the vocals as "impassioned Neil”.
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Re: Neil's voice archetypes

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Disinterested, distant, matter-of-fact and cold "urban" Neil (sometimes blend into harsh Neil), which suits me very fine and is my favourite: This must be the place I waited years to leave, Discoteca, Boy Strange, Young Offender, King's Cross, It Couldn't Happen Here, That's My Impression, Always on my mind, Brick England etc.

He does not use that Neil very much in recent albums, either that or his voice got a dramatic and softer tone as he aged. That may be one of the reasons why I feel a little bit distant to last few albums.

Integral is one of the best examples of harsh and acidic Neil for me. Also I like shouting Neil in That's My Impression, Monkey Business and Opportunities. He should shout more. Don't like falsetto and soft Neil much except for Closer to Heaven but I admire it.

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