PSB namechecks in New Order biogs

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Re: PSB namechecks in New Order biogs

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Tom Angel wrote: Mon 08 Feb 2021, 1:05 pm The Stephen Morris book is brilliant, possibly even better than Hooky's Substance

Bernard Sumner's book was a bit disappointing.
I've found Peter Hook's books to be the more compelling read. I bet he has some good lawyers so he can say as much as possible without getting his butt sued.

Morris' books were a fun read - I reckon the first is probably the better read overall simply because it's more about his early, pre-JD life too. The second had some nice bits, but because a lot of it is already well documented, there weren't a ton of surprises - again his and Gillian's personal life experiences were the more interesting parts I found. One downside was he whipped through the final 6-10 years of NO (with Hook) history very quickly. Perhaps there really isn't a lot to tell, but it seemed like we went from Republic to Siren's Call in the blink of an eye.

I agree that Bernard Sumner's book is the most forgettable of their respective biographies.

Interesting though that all three of them have a different take on how or who is responsible for the "Two little boys..." wording appeared on Hooky's equipment at their final live gigs before Hooky called it quits. Someone is lying.

Personally I have a lot of time for Peter Hook - I suspect both he and Bernard are a bit high strung - but he's the one who seems to "keep it real" so to speak.

And to draw it all back to PSB, I think the Boys could do worse than pull in Hooky for some bass riffs for some future songs.

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