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joe stalin
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Blue weaver

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Sorry mods but I can’t find a blue Weaver focused topic. Pls move if there is one ...

Just watched an incredible documentary on the bee gees.

It’s on sky documentaries ... 6/bee-gees

Had no idea that Blue Weaver was their keyboardist for the bee gees. Seems he co-wrote ‘how deep is your love’... without getting credit :-(

The same Blue Weaver who played live during the old grey whistle test with the Boys for opportunities / later tonight. The same blue Weaver who did the keyboards / fairlight for it couldn’t happen here.

Got me thinking... other notable non psb artists linked via musicians psb have worked with

Ian Curnow - keyboardist with talk talk (I’m not scared)
Andy Richards- keyboardist with Frankie (it’s a sin, rent and heart)

The boys certainly picked gold plated musicians in their earlier albums. Wonder if the lack of parlophone funds led to them working with Stuart price. !!! Not that I’m moaning of course.

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Re: Blue weaver

#2 Post by leesmapman »

Like Bernard Butler or Olly Alexander on Hotspot?

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Re: Blue weaver

#3 Post by Dog »

Don’t forget Stuart Price’s credentials are better than most. Madonna’s musical director for one.

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Re: Blue weaver

#4 Post by TallThinMan »

Peter-John Vettese who played keyboards on Results played with Jethro Tull.

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