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Fan edits

#1 Post by vincenzosz »

Hey there,

I was curious if any of you make edits of PSB tracks, either large or small.
I have at least a handful of their songs that I’ve edited, removing parts I feel impede my enjoyment of the song or sometimes mixing up parts of songs.

NOTE: I have no musical knowledge. I just know what I like and how to use Audacity. :)

-a “song version” of After all
-a mix of Only the Wind combining the Nightlife tour version with the album version
-trimmed I want a new dog 7 inch (it works better as a short track)
-shortened the dated instrumental breakdown in You know where you went wrong
-made a mix of Vulnerable with the dub and album version
-made a mix of the Did you see me coming possibly more remix removing most instances of Did you see me coming to make it it’s own song called Possibly more
-removed some of “over the top bits” from the 3/4 mark of Axis
-trimmed Happiness so it’s not so repetitive
-made a album version of Undertow tough kids remix or what it’s called
-removed the first spoken Neil bit from Give stupidity a chance (it was just annoying), kept the second
-mixed Dreamland Stuart price version with album version to have a version thats IMHO far superior to the original (this took a fair bit of work)
-removed the super high pitch vocal from the middle eight of Hoping for a miracle

I think I’ve made more but I can’t remember them all.

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Re: Fan edits

#2 Post by y3potential »

I don't make audio edits as such although I do play around with video, so for example I've used several performances of So Hard and edited them to make one 'new' video. I'd like to hear any of your efforts if you want to PM me a link..
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Re: Fan edits

#3 Post by telys »

ARe these available to listen to somewhere, sounds like great stuff.

I've made a 7'' of Only the wind, removing parts in the beginning and end. Same goes for A new life
Did an expanded version om Between two islands, putting part of the outro as an intro as well
Did a 7'' of the Maddkat mix of I don't know what you want but I can't give it any more
there are a few others but can't remember them all. I made them before there was Audacity, will try to use that and see what will be the outcome.
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Re: Fan edits

#4 Post by matt74uk »

Stuck half the Pandemonium (the Stars and the Sun Dub) to the album version to give me an extended version.

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Re: Fan edits

#5 Post by herts101 »

matt74uk wrote:Stuck half the Pandemonium (the Stars and the Sun Dub) to the album version to give me an extended version.
I did that too!

Also replaced the album version faded end of Monkey Business with the end of the single version.

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Re: Fan edits

#6 Post by DJAMIX »

I have edits made on:
- Home and dry
- London (x2)
- Heart (x2)
- Love etc
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Re: Fan edits

#7 Post by vincenzosz »

Oh yeah, I remembered a couple more.

-Made a mix of Why don’t we live together? that takes the “best” from each different mix released.
-swapped the middle eight in It doesn’t often snow at Christmas EP version (which was overproduced in an already borderline overproduced track) with the fun distorted vocal middle eight from the original.

Thanks for sharing your own edits. That music video edit sounds like a lot of work.

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Re: Fan edits

#8 Post by Sage »

I've played around with some tracks in Audacity but haven't really done fan edits.
I do like hearing other's edits though. For instance some extended mixes of Hotspot tracks using the instrumentals. ... MBA/videos

Worth mentioning the popular self edit of Angelic Thug, where we essentially edit out David Walliams from the end. I still need to do that with my version.

I like this thread though, keep it going. It's inspiring.

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Re: Fan edits

#9 Post by vincenzosz »

A few more I remembered...

- a face like that removed the annoying synth backing (I don’t know how I did this, but it’s SO much better without it)
- Se a vida e pink noise mix I shortened, tightened it up
- listening I removed the little vocal “listen to your hopes...” section from the end as it was too cheesy.
- in Slow motion, I can’t remember, I think I trimmed some demo sounding instrumental near the end.
- into thin air removed the string intro which I personally didn’t enjoy.
- No time for years mixed the string intro from a different version with the album version
- can’t remember what I did to “was that what it was?” But I know I did something. Love this track.

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Re: Fan edits

#10 Post by Old Soak »

I've done two, but call me old fashioned on my reel-to-reel long before anyone had thought of Audacity:

A version of Absolutely Dubulous that cuts out all the chatter in the middle and makes it into the stonking dance track it is.

As discussed on the Why Don't We Live Together thread a combination of all the various bits from the tape to form an extended mix

As a result of using reel-to-reel there's some background hiss, particularly as a consequence on the WDWLT one being sourced from a cassette at least second generation. But I like them.

I've been playing teach yourself Audacity recently, and the project I'd like to do is an extended version of Sexy Northerner as the only available remix is absolutely dire. Extend the intro significantly and have it pop up several times throughout the track whilst chopping out the choruses to make it completely a stomper is the idea.
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Re: Fan edits

#11 Post by Gary1962 »

Done quite a few 7 Inch Radio edits myself:

One More Chance
Was That What It Was
I Get Excited (You Get Excited Too)
Why Don't We Live Together
Bet She's Not Your Girlfriend
This Must Be The Place I Waited Years To Leave
Delusions Of Grandeur
King Of Rome
Breathing Space
In His Imagination
We All Feel Better In The Dark (After Hours Climax)
Requiem In Denim And Leopardskin

It is something I really enjoy doing.
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Re: Fan edits

#12 Post by ZiggyPSB »

Combining the original Yes version of All over the world with the Dub mix to create an 8:05 stomper.
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Re: Fan edits

#13 Post by domino »

Really good edits, vincenzosz! :)

I should think about getting Audacity. :D
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Re: Fan edits

#14 Post by retrofuturist »


The only time I've bothered to do anything like this was to create a version of The Meeting for my wedding.

Retro. :)

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