It Doesn't Often Appear At Christmas

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Re: It Doesn't Often Appear At Christmas

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Patrick Bateman wrote: Sun 27 Dec 2020, 8:35 pm
Undertaker wrote: Sat 26 Dec 2020, 10:25 pm Chart wise, its only really ten years old, which is probably not old enough to properly surface yet. Most of the top 20 look like older songs re-charting. Chris Rea wasn't even a top 40 hit when first released. Now its peaked at 11.

The chart is an abomination. A national institution thats been ruined by rigging. The chart companies must have all sorts of download fixing going on. Mariah Carey has 'outsold' Wham by roughly 2 000 for the past 3 weeks. That there has to be proof its rigged. No way can it be coincidence.

For three years on the trot some Youtuber has been number 1 with some stupid record. Wtf is actually going on?
Masterson must be on suicide watch.

For me, once any old song could chart rather than simply singles it became meaningless. There was a week that Ed Sheeran had practically the entire top twenty, didn't he?
Yeah and I think that Bieber did it as well.

Last weeks Xmas number 1 is this weeks number 78. How enthralling.

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