Domino Dancing (2020 version)

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Domino Dancing (2020 version)

#1 Post by Nickname »

You can take the original version of Domino Dancing and then take the version of The Voice in Fashion ( Mixed both in a good way, you have a proper version of Domino Dancing. It works like it was a new version (not only a typical remix). All of you deserve to listen to it because it is really good. I'm going to put it on Youtube section but I think it deserves a thread.

The title suggest it's a new remix of Lewis A. Martinée but nobody knows, anyway you'll love it.

Domino Dancing (Lewis A. Martinée remix):

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Re: Domino Dancing (2020 version)

#2 Post by DJAMIX »

It's a fan made mix.

The Voice in Fashion version + Alternative mix.

Simple. Creative. Quite good.
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Re: Domino Dancing (2020 version)

#3 Post by y3potential »

Thanks for telling me 'I'll love it'. Unfortunately I don't. Not for me. Listened once but that's it.
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Re: Domino Dancing (2020 version)

#4 Post by glennjridge »

I actually think the westendgirls domino dancing backing track is fantastic and would have loved to hear neil singing over it. it reminds me of the versions of their songs they played on the nightlife tour...really uber electronic.

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Re: Domino Dancing (2020 version)

#5 Post by sonicbleep »

Always beloved the Domino dancing sample in this

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Re: Domino Dancing (2020 version)

#6 Post by negative_0ne »

good, but too short.


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Re: Domino Dancing (2020 version)

#7 Post by bongsteve »

Not very good at all to my ears but to each their own.

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Re: Domino Dancing (2020 version)

#8 Post by Oznerol »

..all the arangements (of this re-cretaed mix and the Voice In Fashion version released in 2013) sounds like from the original Lewis Martinee "base mix" era... just mixed in a differnet way, very possibly by Lewis himself. I wouldnt´t say it´s a "2020 version"... maybe it was an experiment from that era, surfaced in 2013...
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