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Re: Three track recommendations

Posted: Wed 02 Sep 2020, 7:10 pm
by Oznerol
As a person who follow PSB music since the release of West end girls, until Behaviour (included) I say that we were being introduced into the PSB sound universe... so everything before "Discography" may sound different..and surprising, but the knowledge of the PSB limits were still flexible. And the result of that was a really WIDE range of posibilities!

Said that, the first time I was really surprised (and I mean not disppointed, that´s a different thing) with a PSB piece of music was, as album track, "Strange Boy", and as a single "I Get Along" the way "Hey, this was not what I ever expected..and I thought I already knew them after all this years!" Then it happened a few more times since then ( Birthday Boy, Love etc -for some reason I found it not PSB at I get used to it as a PSB sounding track...-, I didn´t get where I am today -I love this one!- and some more..but now I know that the limits are even wider than the surprise in not that big now :P )