Always will be on my mind

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Always will be on my mind

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It won't be long now till its 33 years since hearing Always on my mind for the very first time on that Elvis Presley Love Me Tender Tv show. Gosh it only seems like yesteryear. I don't think there will ever be a Pet Shop Boys song that makes me fascinated to the very limit upon listening to it more than Always on my mind.
I have been closely looking into its chart performance when it was released on Monday 30 November 1987, alongside what to many people at the time would be a dead certain for the Crimbo Number 1 of that year, Rick Astley's When I fall in love. Always on my mind straight in at 4 & Ricky boy straight in at 2. Then the Pogues get a look in with a great climb, but not forgetting the company the boys were up against at the time; Tpau's China in your hand could have extended their 5 week stint at the top of the tree. Michael Jackson's The way you make me feel was a non mover at 3 for a couple of weeks. Mel & Kim (Not them one's) with Rockin around the Christmas tree could have done some damage to our boys. Then there was another Presley cover in Love Letters from Alison Moyet which had a good climb.But when Always on my mind pipped When I fall in love I remember feeling Christmas had come a week early. Now, the theory of EMI releasing the original Nat King Cole's version of Rick's namesake of a song may well have counter attacked the sales of Always on my mind but I'm much better thinking it was the song alone which merited the top spot. As for the Pogues, sour grapes (or fags) with them saying "We were beaten by two queens & a drum machine". A fairlight please, get it right McGowan!!!!! Anyway my fascination for this epic will continue to grow on every listen. The song holds so many memories of a great time. Pete Waterman by the way was fuming....."Its only a laugh, no harm done".
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Re: Always will be on my mind

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I had first listened West End girls and hated PSB. I thought they were another white R&B wannabe "temporary" band who were trying to capitalize and cash on the US R&B market, which was blossoming then (please note that English is my not native language and the deep meaning of lyrics and evocative London scenes escaped me because I had never seen London by then).

Then in my aunt's home, I listened to Suburbia (Opportunities were not popular in Turkish radio statitions and there were no singles released in Turkey so I had not heard it) and that heavenly melody changed my idea instantly. Then It's a sin came and I was a fan. Then Actually was released and I was a BIG fan.

But it was Always on my mind that made me obsessed with PSB and since then I have always loved them dearly, even at the time of Release. No other band topped them for me; I always buy their items regardless of whether I like it or not (even though it costs a fortune in Turkey because you have to order them from Amazon UK, Fx rates and shipment rates make you pay nearly half of minimum wage).

50% of this obsession may be due to the first three albums and Discography singles (and partly Alternative and Bilingual) but 50% of it is purely due to Always on my mind. This is the only song that I listen to daily. It played as the ultimate song during my wedding ceremony to the unbelievable stares of lots of elderly guests, including my parents and parents in law. It made one of my boys a big fan of PSB (the other is a metal banger).

I cannot express my love for this song. From its barking opening through its orchestration to its culminating end, it is simply a pure joy, My wife is jealous of itbecause she says I don't love her as much as I do love this song.

I am not that proud about my life; I have made some big mistakes but this song makes me proud to be a fan, to be a music lover. It is one of the best things to fall in love with that song. I am not a big fan of the Boys' releases in the last decade (except Electric and Decide from the last album) But that' does not matter. Always on my mind is their biggest gift to their fans and that's enough for me.

There are some great melodies and bands out there in addition to PSB (REM, U2, New Order etc) but nothing they have ever released comes close to Always on my mind.

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Re: Always will be on my mind

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I've got "Always" on my mind.

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