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Re: Left to my own Devices vs Being Boring

#16 Post by the8thark »

In my opinion:

The Introspective version of Left, I really don't like that at all. That's off the table in all discussions.
The PopArt/video version on the other hand is not that bad. I could learn to like the track a lot. Though I think the opportunity fo have Chris talk in the song is a missed opportunity as Neil does some talking here and it fits in well. The music is varied enough too to keep it fresh and interesting. "Chasing Debussy to a disco beat" really explains what the PSB are in a way.

Boring on the other hand, along with Jealousy book ends Behaviour really well. By far my favourite two tracks on the album. 6:50 though? Was that really necessary? Or could it have been closer to the PopArt version which is 4:50.
I get why Neil and Chris wanted it that long on Behaviour but it doesn't really fit. All that added length just feels like a hangover from Introspective.

So we've worked out I like the PopArt versions of both tracks much better. So comparing them? Which do I like better?
Musically, Left is the typical PSB sound. It's great. Lyrically it does nothing to me. Sure all PSB songs have a mening behind them but the choice of words here are really bland, low quality. Neil could have used better words to say the same thing.

Boring, tells a great story, easy to understand and the music just fits. Musically it's just the same thing for the whole track, there's no changeups like in Left. For me it's really easy to like.

So which am I choosing?
I'm choosing Being Boring.
Why? Because I have to really try hard to like Left. Whereas Boring is very easy to listen to and very easy to like. Also I feel lyrically Neil did a much better job with Boring. Vocally they are neck and neck, but Left probably just wins as Neil uses a little more of his vocal range there.

Now for my personal tastes/bias - Broring is the kind of PSB track I like. Left is not.
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Re: Left to my own Devices vs Being Boring

#17 Post by retrofuturist »

the8thark wrote: Fri 24 Jul 2020, 11:21 am "Chasing Debussy to a disco beat"
"Chasing" = Che Guevara.
the8thark wrote: Fri 24 Jul 2020, 11:21 am Neil could have used better words to say the same thing.
Why, when you'd mishear them and come to this conclusion?

Retro. :)

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Re: Left to my own Devices vs Being Boring

#18 Post by RichBeard »

Both are obvious classics! I voted for BB just to even things out.. Left to my own devices was trouncing it in the vote! Lol.. I don’t think I could choose tbh.. it’d have to depend on my mood..

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Re: Left to my own Devices vs Being Boring

#19 Post by PSBForTheMasses »

After all these years, as I get older, I can understand why people love BB so much, but it is still a big No No for me. I really tried very hard to like it because when you say in this kind of forums that you do not like BB or Behaviour, you are treated like a weirdo :lol: I was highly dissappointed at the time of its release and dismissed it immediately and wasn't surprised to see it struggle into top 20, in fact I was surprised people really went out and bought it; anyway even top 20 position was merely due to the PSB name at that time. Overall, Behaviour was the first "what the hell is this" thing from the Boys, and no it has not grown in the slighest bit after all these years; I am still furious about it as it cost so many PSB fans (at least in our community). Nervously? What the hell was that? To Face the Truth? The only consolotion is that it has cemented PSB's position as a pioneer and very talented band among non-PSB fans later.

The only exception for me is the majestic This Must be the Place I waited years..How I wish it was released as a single and was a James Bond theme song. It is among my top 10 PSB songs. I am also from a boarding school so maybe I can better understand Neil's poor experiences there and better connected to his songs that try to exorcise demons from his school years.

So, simply Left to My Own devices, which is a form of art by itself.

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Re: Left to my own Devices vs Being Boring

#20 Post by Kiran »

Being Boring is the height of PSB's excellence. Left to my own devices, specifically the version on the album, is utterly amazing, but Being Boring just edges it for me. PSB's peaked with these and there isn't really anything they've done in the last 30 years that are in the same league.
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Re: Left to my own Devices vs Being Boring

#21 Post by Shopper »

Sorry but why pit any track against the almighty Left to my own devices! It is the essence of Pet Shop Boys in one song
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