That Crossover Moment.....

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Re: That Crossover Moment.....

#31 Post by Gabby »

I would rather listen to TSOTAS 100 times a row than listen to Release all the way through just once.
Not sure I'd go that far, but TSOTAS has never wound me up like it seems to do for some people.

If we want to talk about unlistenable PSB tracks, my vote goes to "Footsteps".

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Re: That Crossover Moment.....

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I’m in that club with “Saturday Night Forever”! :)
"Electricity" for me.

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Re: That Crossover Moment.....

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I had heard Opportunities in my local record shop in July 1985 but was there to spend my paper round dosh on the Scritti Politti cassette (it had extra remixes)

My Aunty (5 years older than me) was 18 and she would go clubbing in the West end and buy the records on 12” that she liked

I remember looking through her vinyl and it was the 6” die cut sleeve of West End Girls that caught my eye and loved it upon first play.

I was into remixes back then (even at 13) so it must have been January 1986 when I got the Shep Pettibone 12” of West End Girls and it was from that moment, I was a fan

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Re: That Crossover Moment.....

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Bought West End Girls on 7inch, Christmas 1985.
Then seemed to lose track of them until Suburbia, which I bought on 12 inch, then the Disco album, then Please...and everything released ever since.

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