Actually vs Introspective, choose the best one

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Re: Actually vs Introspective, choose the best one

#31 Post by Markpro »

I still remember the chills i got when i played the album on the day it was released, in my home, alone after work and hearing the opening to Left To My Own Devices...i thought it was the greatest thing i had ever heard, i was a massive superfan by then off course but for me "Devices" was a whole new level which elevated them from pop band to musical genius.
It also the only album i have bought four different versions of, the regular vinyl on release day, the special edition 3x12" not long after, then on CD, then further listening...for the record the only other time i got chills like that from a song was when i heard The Way It Used To be, other songs by other artists have come close but nothing matches "the feels" i got with this tracks (and still get).

Actually is a very good album but is very similar to Please (not surprising as most of the tracks from the albums were written at the same time, it has dated though, One More Chance, Hit Music and Shopping feel old, whereas you have absolute stone cold classics such as It Couldn't Happen Here and It's A Sin with great pop songs such as Heart and the very musically underated I Want To Wake Up.

Introspective has a fantastic flow to it, for me I'm Not Scared is the weakest of the tracks but it still fits in the middle perfectly and In My House was a fantastic bonus at the time, overall i maybe listen to Actually or some tracks from it once or twice a year but there are tracks on Introspective (especially Devices) that i listen to multiple times and even after all these years i have never got bored or lost interest in a single part of it.
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Re: Actually vs Introspective, choose the best one

#32 Post by Nickname »

A draw, hehehe. The same happens to me, I don't know which one is the best.

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Re: Actually vs Introspective, choose the best one

#33 Post by the8thark »

These are two of my least favourite PSB albums. However I like Introspective the least of these two so I voted for the other - Actually.
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