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Re: funko Pops

#151 Post by EDF70 »

I cancelled my Amazon order and ordered through HMV last week. Got an email this morning saying that the HMV order has been dispatched. :)

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Re: funko Pops

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Markpro wrote: Sun 07 Feb 2021, 11:06 am I had actually forgotten about these, just ordered them from HMV UK (£26 with free delivery) :clap:
I have now done the same.

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Re: funko Pops

#153 Post by Debussy »

popfreak wrote:Anyone received them from Amazon UK yet?
Yes, ordered from Amazon after cancelling my pop in a box order. Took about 3 weeks as 'they came from outer space'....sorry I meant USA.

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Re: funko Pops

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Got mine a couple of days ago, very quick delivery from HMV :up:
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