Comparisons Redux: Chris, Neil, and Frank

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Comparisons Redux: Chris, Neil, and Frank

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This post is about storytellers, or, more specifically, modes of storytelling, from a historical perspective. In the '40s, Francis Albert Sinatra becomes the quintessential storyteller of pop music. He spins a tale of time and place, mood, character and introspection. Forty years later, Chris Sean Lowe and Neil Francis Tennant arrive as realists and surrealists who pick an existential moment, supercharge the synapses, and proceed to juxtapose and weave ideas into a compelling intro- and extrospective tale, all battle-tested on the live stage. In my view, this puts the duo in the same league as Sinatra.

But you decide where the similarities end and the differences begin. To help, see the playlist below. First, some footnotes: 1) No sound for awhile. 2a) Frank, 28, on stage; 2b) War looming, Tommy Dorsey records this powerful arrangement (skip ad). 3a) Chris and Neil in spatiotemporal montage (skip ad); 3b) Synaptic fireworks (skip ad).

So, kids, here we go...enjoy...

1) Bobbysoxer Rebellion:

2a) "Stardust" 1943:

2b) "Stardust" 1940:

3a) "Home and Dry" 2002:

3b) "It's a Sin" 1987:

Afterword: "What's past is prologue." ("The Tempest")
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