Special PSB memories

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Special PSB memories

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I had a real good experience with the PSB group....maybe the best. I remember.....

Buying Discography and being blown away by the artistic success and enjoyment factor of their tracks whilst looking at the CD covers for them in the booklet and reading their comments. They seemed mysterious and so intelligent, [edited by forum admin]. This all happened in my little room when I first bought a CD walkman.

Then I went to my Dad's flat which was cheap also on the second floor near the city lake. I decided to buy all the PSB albums I could. I was so excited. I remember reading the Alternative booklet in the bathroom one late night. I thought 'wow' how cool are these musician men making such satisfying music. And from then on I was hooked. This was around 1997. I had youth excitation because my future was all ahead of me etc.

Anyone else have any special psb memories?

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