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Re: Bobby O and Pet Shop Boyz

#2 Post by Cdrodkey »

Thanks for sharing this, which I have seen before, though a long time ago.

One thing that struck me this time is not just the sour grapes, or the missed connections, but O's interpretation of their later success as having abandoned their hip hop roots.

Was it true that this was the direction they should have continued? Have they abandoned their hip hop roots? Could it be that O is saying not so much about the hip hop sound as the hip hop mentality or cultural aesthetic - there seems to be less playfulness and experimentation, and less pasting of things that don't belong together, in much of the Boys' writing as it continues--though I do think we sometimes get a "wink" of it here and there. Just thinking out loud....

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Re: Bobby O and Pet Shop Boyz

#3 Post by Danimal »

While it's impossible to dispute their success post Bobby O, they did lose something by the late 80s. "Please" had an undercurrent of American-influenced funkyiness one may hear in all of the little R&B hooks sprinkled throughout, which gave rhem a bit of an edge. By the time of their next album those are limited to "Shopping" and possibly "I want to wake up." By "Introspective" European-appropriated House music had completely taken over.

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Re: Bobby O and Pet Shop Boyz

#4 Post by Nina »

Appropriated meaning it was from Chicago and Detroit in the first place. Domino Dancing was very Miami freestyle, which is why it was recorded there, and Sterling Void's It's Alright is an American tune.

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